News 25 October 2021

“Open Port” blazing the recovery trail

Everything is ready for the fifteenth edition. Guided tours of the ports, television events and much more. Read the article to find out more

News 22 October 2021

Green pass, Port Network Authority meets USB Trade Union representatives

Managing director, Matteo Paroli, has acknowledged USB’s demands: "This needs to be discussed with port companies"

News 18 October 2021

Ports – Green Pass, situation under control

The results of the survey launched by the Port Network Authority are comforting: No critical scenarios have been reported by port companies

News 13 October 2021

Livorno and Greece, an everlasting bond

The Port Network Authority has taken part in an international conference dedicated to the Greek community. Paroli: "The experience of Ancona has taught me to appreciate the human, historical and economic ties between our two countries".

News 3 October 2021

Women in transport: challenges and changes

Next Monday is the annual national day dedicated to gender equality. It will include a regional round table organized by the Port Network Authority

News 3 October 2021

Port Network Authority-Customs. Mr. Paroli: “Collaboration is crucial.”

In Florence our Port Network Authority’s managing director met Roberto Chiara, the interregional director of the Customs Agency for Tuscany, Sardinia and Umbria

News 4 October 2021

Ferry traffic up in Livorno and Piombino

In the first eight months of the year 3.6 million passengers transited through the two ports. Go to

News 27 September 2021

Livorno PNA earns award in Ferrara

President Guerrieri receives the Smarts Ports Awards 2021 for the sustainable development projects promoted in the North Tyrrhenian ports. Go to

News 24 September 2021

LNG, an accessible fuel source for efficient logistics

After three years’ work, the European LNG FACILE project draws to a close. A Demo Day dedicated to green fuel supply operations took place at the Vespucci Freight Village. Watch the video:

News 18 September 2021

Italian Port Days, a month of events

Livorno, Piombino, Elba Island and Capraia are preparing to welcome the third edition of the initiative that aims to open up the ports to their cities. Go to