News 3 November 2020

Piombino, PIM concession perfected

The company is to operate on a 120,370 square meter area, including 17,040 m2 at sea, up to 2041. Go to

News 30 October 2020

The hydrogen revolution is just around the corner

On Oct. 28th, from 3.00 p.m. to 4.40 p.m, Port Network Authority webinar on the impact of H2 on international stability. Go to . Vai su

News 30 October 2020

Cruises come back to Livorno

After eight months, the city sees a cruise ship again: the MSC Magnifica, with 480 tourists on board. Go to

News 15 October 2020

GTS3 system temporarily inaccessible

Due to a software update, it will not be possible to access the GTS3 portal from 12:00 noon on Friday 16th October 2020 to 10:00 a.m. on Monday 19th October 2020. Terminal gates will, however, continue to remain fully operational.

News 15 October 2020

The Port of Livorno bets on wood pulp

Call for tenders for the design and construction of the enlarged MK warehouse sent to the EU. Go to

News 19 October 2020

Piombino, a more accessible port

This morning the Management Committee adopted a new technical amendment to the port Master Plan. Livorno: the work considered urgent for the functionality of the harbour access channel will be ready for commencement in 2020

News 15 October 2020

Everything ready for celebrating ‘Italian Port Days’

The Covid-19 crisis has not stopped the initiative launched in 2019 by Assoporti (the Italian Port Association). Here are the events in Livorno

News 12 October 2020

The ‘Open Port’ initiative as a sign of resilience

Our Network ports reopen to the public with the new edition of the program set up by the Port Network Authority. The fourth edition of ‘Italian Port Days’ is also about to kick off

News 5 October 2020

A coordinated Italian port system

Stefano Corsini (AdSP MTS) speaks at the Assoporti Conference, during Naples Shipping Week. Go to

News 9 October 2020

A new Master for tomorrow’s managers

A postgraduate course has been set up to make the most of the opportunities that 4.0 technology offers the port system. Go to