News 20 June 2020

Darsena Europa: simulations successfully completed

Port entry/exit maneuvers by latest generation containerships carried out in complete safety

News 19 June 2020

Darsena Europa ready in 2024

This was reiterated by President Stefano Corsini at the City/Port steering committee meeting yesterday. News about the Microtunnel too

News 17 June 2020

Livorno, traffic down in the first four months of the year

Covid impact: negative trends in almost all traffic indexes: TEUs down 4.7%, cruise and ferry sectors - 78.7% and - 58.8%.

News 22 June 2020

The Old Fortress gets spruced up

As it reopens, the evening entertainment activities in the city's most famous landmark will also resume

News 12 June 2020

The Port of Livorno accelerates on the safety of moorings

The cylindrical and corner fenders on the public quays will be completely renewed

News 20 June 2020

Livorno: Everything ready for SNI deperimetration

The Port Network Authority informs the Ministry of the Environment of the closure of the investigation and requests the convening of the services conference

News 21 June 2020

The Fortress reopens to the city

It will be open to the public from June 22nd. The Port Network Authority, Livorno and Tuscany Regional Administration express their satisfaction

Coronavirus 16 June 2020

Prevention and Protection Plan adopted

The document indicates the measures and organizational procedures necessary to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the ports of Piombino, Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo

Coronavirus 7 June 2020

Goodbye for now, Costa Diadema

After 65 days in Piombino, the ship has left its moorings and is heading for Civitavecchia

Coronavirus 1 June 2020

The 50-port alliance for a fresh start

Assoporti adheres to the international declaration on ports remaining fully functional