News 15 July 2020

Former Locamare Building, concession gets thumbs up

The building is now in the hands of Rio Marina Municipality, which will manage it for 40 years

Coronavirus 12 July 2020

Covid presents Livorno with the bill

The crisis that has devastated the cruise sector could amount to between 53 and 64 million euros in lost revenues. The Port Network Authority study. Go to

News 4 July 2020

American lecturers visiting Livorno

This morning the Port Network Authority hosted a delegation from the University of Oklahoma's International Studies Faculty

News 7 July 2020

Ports rising to the sustainability challenge

The Port Network Authority’s environmental and energy strategies were presented in an online event a few days ago

News 7 July 2020

Blue Economy and the cruise industry in the post Covid era

Webinar organized by the Port Network Authority for July 8th starting at 4 pm. To participate:

News 29 June 2020

Livorno, Galvani Railway Gate even safer

The Port Network Authority has developed a procedure for monitoring rail transits at Lorenzini Terminal

Coronavirus 26 June 2020

Diadema: Costa Cruises thanks Piombino

Costa Cruises’ President, Neil Palomba, writes to the authorities: "Thank you for your commitment and dedication." President Corsini’s satisfaction: “An important acknowledgement"

News 24 June 2020

Vespucci freight village: Port Network Authority ready to endorse its capital increase

The North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority will consolidate its shares in the freight village

News 24 June 2020

Training: Port Network Authority and Pisa University renew their collaboration

The convention was signed in 2016 and its renewal has been announced in the Management Committee meeting. Go-ahead for the SDT concession

News 23 June 2020

Today’s the day for the Old Fortress

Livorno’s historical landmark reopens after being closed for over 100 days due to the Coronavirus emergency