Coronavirus 4 November 2020

Coronavirus – COVID-19: Legislation and provisions

Legislation and provisions This section is dedicated to the publication of information and legislation on the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency NATIONAL LEGISLATION AND REGULATIONS, NATIONAL PROTOCOLS Source Title General Command of the Harbour Office Corps Non-Serial Circular n. 18/2020 – Coronavirus (nCov-2019) – Port security: review of assessments and plans, drills and training at port facilities …

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Coronavirus 11 May 2020

COVID-19 observer

ANNOUNCEMENT Please note that, as a result of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 12th April 2020, our offices are temporarily closed to the public. The reopening of our offices will be announced on our institutional website. The Old Fortress will also be closed to the public until 18th May 2020. Traffic bulletin: statistics and reports …

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Coronavirus 13 April 2020

Livorno: box traffic down in the 1st quarter

A 7.6% downturn, with passenger traffic plummeting: -60.6% for cruises, -30% for ferries. Go to

Coronavirus 13 April 2020

Piombino: surveillance of traffic flows to Elba a top priority

The Port Network Authority is going to raise its surveillance level for the Easter weekend

Coronavirus 23 April 2020

Costa Diadema: The Port Network Authority provides clarity on port areas reserved for operations

President Corsini has signed an ordinance identifying a Sterile Area and a Service Area

Coronavirus 9 April 2020

Covid-19: TDT sees the glass half full

In this current emergency scenario, the General Manager of Terminal Darsena Toscana, Marco Mignogna, tries to outline the good news. Go to

Coronavirus 3 April 2020

The Costa Diadema operation

Since the Costa Group's cruise ship has been berthed in the port of Piombino, the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority and other institutions have been taking action to overcome the emergency. Go to

Coronavirus 3 April 2020

Shoreside medical facility for the Diadema crew

The facility will be set up in record time on the pier where the cruise ship is berthed. Corsini: "Our Port Network Authority has taken action."

Coronavirus 3 April 2020

Costa Diadema: A task force to manage the emergency

The Port Network Authority has set up a control room for the institutions to coordinate operations

Coronavirus 17 April 2020

Costa Diadema in Piombino

The cruise ship has 1250 people on board. President Corsini: "It’s our top priority:"