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The port is situated on the northern coast of the island of Elba, within a wide bay of the same name, and is made up of two distinct parts – the port true and proper, and the roadsteads. It is accessible twenty-four hours a day in all weather conditions, and is particular in that ships entering the port have to keep to the port – or left-hand -side, and give precedence to those exiting.
The port currently has three jetties – the number 1, number 3 and the G.Massimo jetty, with lengths running from 130 to 102 metres, and these are destined for use by ferries, a particularly intensive traffic in the summer months.
Heading southwards from the G.Massimo jetty there is the Alto Fondale deep water quay, 115 metres long, completed by the Calata Depositi.
The Alta Fondale, situated in the historic centre of the town, is the berth both for ferries and cruise ships.
Continuing southwards, there is the Darsena Medici basin, a part of which – in concession to the Town Council – is for pleasure craft, while the other part is for boats belonging to the forces of law and order and the harbourmaster.
The basin of the roadsteads, some 2,000 metres wide and well-protected from bad weather, is limited to the north by the linked headlands of Punta Falcone and Punta Falconaia, and ships of whatever size and draught may find safe anchorage therein.