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Swab testing in ports, areas allocated

This afternoon Enrico Rossi, President of Tuscany’s Regional Administration, signed the ordinance on free and voluntary molecular swabs to be offered to passengers in transit in the ports of Piombino and Livorno, and departing and arriving from other regions.

Since this morning the Port Network Authority has been working on individuating the most suitable sites for setting up hospitality facilities for carrying out swab tests in the areas under concession in the port of Livorno, and in the public areas in the port of Piombino.

The Poggio Batteria yard has been allocated in Piombino, at the entrance to the port.Two marquees will be set up there for local health service staff, while port security staff will direct cars inside the yard.

In Livorno, as a result of an inspection carried out a short time ago by the Port Network Authority’s Safety Management Dept. together with the representatives from the Prefecture, State Police, Harbour Authority, Local Health Authority, Port Police , and the terminal operators concerned (Port of Livorno 2000 and SDT), two areas have been selected. One is in front of the Old Fortress terminal gate, another in Via Mogadiscio, outside the port terminal gate to the SDT areas, at the root of Darsena Toscana’s west bank.

Starting tomorrow the marquees will be set up. The Port Network Authority will take care of cleaning and fencing off the allocated areas and make them usable. The preparations will be completed over the next few days, at most within one week of the Ordinance becoming effective.