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Livorno to rival global giants within 5 years

Livorno’s deepwater container terminal will get a facelift over the next weeks. After years of talking, almost two of wich spent in delaying again and again the deadline for submission of applications to partecipate to the project financing for design, construction and operation of the new “big ship ready” facility, Italian Government, Tuscany Region and Port System Authority of Northern Tyrrenian Sea have decided to turn over a new leaf.

 The 1.6 m teu container terminal project  will still offer 1200 m of quay and 62ha of yard space, but it will be developed on a new design, build and finance basis.

 200 milion euros of savings; less time for building it (five years); and new certainties arising both from a specific law that ease port drediging activities for sediment land reuse, both from the new Public Procurement Code, that speed up the works as referring to the PF procedures. Theese are the news.

 Europe Platform will cost now 662 mln including port expansion and equipment. The Tuscany Regional Administration and the Italian Government still are on the game, together with the Port Authority agreeing to invest €450m, while the remaining amount has to be searched in the private sector.

 The tender procedure launched at the beginning of 2016 will be now withdrawn: Port Authority officers are looking into the technical and economic feasibility of developing such a plant and they will present a new tender asap.

 Time is not a secondary variable: all last generation feederships are just too big to come into Livorno and, once realized, the new rail links through the Alps (like the Gotthard Tunnel) will raise competition beetwen italian and north european ports.

 “We see Europe Platform as a catalyst for change rather than just a standalone investment – Corsini said – but we want to realize it in less time: the new project would lead to a reduction in time and cost, giving us the opportunity to be ready in 2023. Let me be frank: if we don’t do Europe Platform in five years Livorno risks to get squeezed out”