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Vaccinations on board the MS Europa 2 successfully completed

The vaccination campaign launched for the first time in the port of Livorno on board the Hapag-Lloyd group’s Europa 2 cruise ship has come to a successful conclusion.

The vaccination campaign, which was carried out by Red Cross personnel under the supervision of Alfredo Andreis, medical manager at Medov, MS Europe 2 ‘s Shipping Agency, began at 10 a.m. and was completed in just under three hours. The contribution of the Maritime, Air and Border Health Office, whose staff took care of the international WHO certification, was crucial.

A total of 85 seafarers were vaccinated on board. A further 23 were taken by the Misericordia ambulance service to the Pala Modì vaccination hub for specific needs or to carry out the second vaccination dose. In the area overlooking berth n.75, an operational safety area was set up for the entire duration of the vaccinations to manage transits from the ship to the land-based hub.

The Regional Councillor for Health, Simone Bezzini, expressed his satisfaction. He spoke of the perfect organization and careful teamwork that the Regional Administration, the local health authority, the Maritime, Air and Border Health Office, Port Police, the Harbour Master’s Office and the Port Newtwork Authority were able to put in place.

“This is an important moment,” he said, “the objective is to increase vaccination coverage among the population. In Tuscany things are going well. If we consider those who have had their first dose and those who have booked their second, we have reached 2.7 million people. This is one of the highest figures at national level.”

Mr. Bezzini also pointed out that vaccinating personnel on board the Europa 2 is an initiative that helps to increase the safety of the entire crew: “By doing so, we are increasing overall coverage. Vaccination is clearly an effective way of reducing infection.” On this occasion, the Councillor appealed to all Tuscans to bring forward their second dose by booking their vaccination through Tuscany Regional Administration’s dedicated website.

Cinthia De Luca, senior manager of the Environment and Safety Department at the Port Network Authority, also emphasized the importance of the work that the institutions were able to carry out in full synergy: ” Everyone has worked together with great professionalism,” she said. The whole operation was organized in a week. This required a considerable organizational and operational effort by the competent bodies. We must do our utmost to ensure that all cruise ships calling at the port can benefit from the same procedure”.

Mrs De Luca added that another cruise ship had also requested information on setting up vaccination coverage and that further news on this would be available soon.

According to Mr. Andreis, the vaccination process was  completed successfully without any complications and without any adverse reactions being reported among those vaccinated: “The collaboration with the local health authority and the Maritime, Air and Border Health Office worked perfectly,” said Medov’s health manager, who pointed out that the operations were carried out in accordance with national guidelines on the activation of vaccination hubs within companies.

The Europa 2 with the vaccinated seafarers on board will set sail again at 18.00. Next stop Sorrento.