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The Seven Seas Voyager is coming to Livorno

As a result of recent government measures that have provided for the possibility for cruise ships – including foreign-flagged ships – to stop at Italian ports pending the end of the emergency phase, the port of Livorno will host tomorrow, May 29th , the Bahamas-flagged Seven Seas Voyager, over 200 meters long. It will dock at berth no. 75, with a reduced crew of 108 members, with 5 Italians including the Captain. There are no passengers on board the vessel.

The last preparatory meeting was held this morning, coordinated by the Harbour Master’s Office, with all those involved in the various aspects of the operation, health and safety, in particular. In fact, it was attended by representatives from Tuscany Regional Administration’s collective prevention sector, the Maritime Health Office, Livorno Prefecture, the Port Network Authority, Livorno Municipality, the Maritime Border Police and the Provincial Fire Department, as well as the Shipping Agency assisting the vessel.

It was decided that the entire crew, already subject to health monitoring from the moment they joined the ship without any critical issues having emerged, will in any case be swab tested and will remain on board until the test confirms they are negative.

The safety aspects of manoeuvring and mooring, as well as other more technical aspects related to berthing operations, had already been assessed at a previous meeting.

The is Seven Seas Voyager is scheduled to arrive at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. The ship will remain in port for about two months. It will be cordoned off and constantly monitored by the competent authorities.