Our Network ports are open to the public, even in Covid-19 times. The OPEN PORT program, now in its 14th edition, is to start up again this year.

The events program has been recalibrated according to the new Covid-19 containment measures.

“In the context of the crisis we are currently going through, it becomes increasingly necessary to find opportunities for growth and incentives that allow us to redefine our social dynamics in new ways,” said the President of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, Stefano Corsini at the press conference presenting the initiative, ” Especially at this time, OPEN PORT represents a strategic tool for reaffirming the centrality of ports within their respective networks. The mission remains the same: to open up our ports to the public. We will continue to do so, also thanks to the support from Assoporti (the Italian Port Association) and the Italian Port Days initiative”.

Livorno Municipality has always been an important collaborator in the OPEN PORT initiative for achieving common goals and strategies: “As a Municipal Administration we are happy to learn that the project is starting again despite all the difficulties due to the pandemic crisis,” said the city councilor for the port, Barbara Bonciani, “OPEN PORT is an initiative of great interest for the City of Livorno, both for local citizens and schools, because it facilitates a more in-depth understanding of the activities carried out in our port.”

The OPEN PORT event program is calibrated around the school year. Attendance is completely free of charge. Launching the 14th edition has entailed rethinking resources and a general reshaping of the project’s package of initiatives to fit the epidemic containment measures.

There are various types of events:

TV broadcasts and much more

From October 2020 to January 2021 the Port Center’s first videolibrary will be available, with multimedia content about the areas and local industries under the Port Network Authority’s jurisdiction. The classes that join the Project will be given access credentials to an online repository where they can view the material. Upon request, presentations of the Network ports can be organized both on-site and remotely.

The local TV channel TeleGranducato will also produce three specials dedicated to our Network ports. School pupils of all age-groups will be able to participate, in compliance with the Covid-19 containment measures.

Guided tours

From January to May 2021, visits to our Network ports and Livorno Port Center’s interactive educational tour start again. The visits, which will be modulated on the basis of how the pandemic crisis develops, will be scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. They will be organized to cater for the specific educational needs teachers ask us to focus on.

The visits to Livorno port by groups from local schools will be on Wednesdays. Coaches will be provided for this purpose free-of-charge from Wednesday January 13 to Wednesday May 12 at the following times: 9.00-11.00-14.00 (the time slot dedicated to nursery school children is at 14.00). The visit lasts about 1 h 45 ‘including transfers, for nursery school children there is a shorter tour which takes about 1h and a quarter. The visit to the Port Center can also include a visit to the Historical Boats Exhibition at the former port railway warehouse, 5 minutes’ walk from the Old Fortress. The entire museum-educational package (Port Center and Historical Boats) lasts at least one hour longer.

The aim is to set up a well-structured itinerary, part virtual, part on-site, which, starting from the Port Center and its website, allows students to discover and improve their knowledge of port issues.

The visits to the ports of Piombino, Portoferraio, Rio Marina, Cavo and Capraia can be scheduled in specific ways. The Port Network Authority will offer school groups a free bus service in Piombino and professional guides, but not bus/ferry transfers outside the town.

Italian Port Days

Once again, our Network ports will be taking part in the Italian Port Days initiative set up by Port Network Authorities and coordinated by Assoporti. Following the Covid-19 health emergency, the event, originally scheduled for the month of May 2020, has been postponed to October, between 3rd and 11th October.

Attendance at these events is free of charge. They are clearly subject to the restrictions imposed by current legislation to contain Covid-19 contagion.