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The Moby Prince, questions which still remain unanswered

Moby Prince. A tragedy instigated by the Mafia. This is the ground-breaking theory by the RAI journalist Federico Zatti in his book “Una strana nebbia. Le domande ancora aperte sul caso Moby Prince” (“A strange fog. The questions which remain unanswered about the Moby Prince incident” – Translator’s note), published by Mondadori.

Mr. Zatti looks at the tragedy that shook the port of Livorno on April 10th , 1991 from a different standpoint: the explosion of the ferry was  intended to set fire to the cargo on board the Agip Abruzzo’s  tank No. 7, where the collision occurred. “It seems incredible to think of  hijacking  a ferry to hit a tanker, but  lining a motorway with 500 kilos of TNT to kill a magistrate is just as inconceivable,” the author claims. In his opinion the two attacks, the one in the port of Livorno and the one at Capaci, have a common objective: to hit the State with unprecedented violence.

Next 18th November, at 5.30 pm, at at the Ferretti conference hall in the Old Fortress, Mr. Zatti will explore in detail the theory his book puts forward. This will be done by talking with the writer Denata Ndreca, the journalist Fabrizio Pucci, and Sergio Romboni , representing the  “140 (victims) Association”, Livorno Municipality’s councillor for culture, Simone Lenzi, will also be taking part.

The initiative has been organized by the Port Network Authority in collaboration with the Livorno’s Mondadori Bookshop as part of the ‘Port Center Thursdays’ initiative.