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The 50-port alliance for a fresh start

Recognizing the critical role of ports in maintaining international cargo traffic flows, 20 international ports signed a joint declaration last April ensuring ports remain fully functional.

Over the last few weeks, the number of ports adhering to the declaration has grown to over 50 worldwide, across Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the American continent.

The declaration has been signed both to keep ports fully open to maritime traffic and to provide logistical support during the COVID-19 health emergency.

The signatories have pledged to work together to ensure that ships can continue to berth in their ports, guaranteeing port operations and keeping the global supply chain and trade/cargo going.

In addition, the signatories have agreed to exchange best practices and share each other’s experiences and measures in dealing with the current pandemic.

On Friday, a first video conference meeting was held with representatives from all adhering ports, to discuss issues concerning the health emergency (Here is the link to the PAR Covid Declaration).

Representing the Association of Italian Ports’ international relations is President Pino Musolino: “Italian ports are facing the worst crisis of the last 70 years but, thanks also to the commitment of terminal operators, pilots, agents, carriers, they have continued to work to support our country’s economic policy, obviously adopting the necessary measures to allow workers to operate safely.”

“It is clear that,” continued Mr. Musolino, “at least in the short term, it will be necessary to focus on recuperating, as quickly as possible, the throughput of goods and passengers that has been wiped out, or almost, by Covid-19. However, in the medium and long term, if we want to aim for a port sector capable of withstanding and overcoming external shocks, we have to imagine an increasingly close and mutually supportive relationship between production, logistics, ports and sustainability. A strategy to be shared at a global level. In this sense, today’s initiative has great value because it sanctions, at international level, an alliance of views and visions by the most important world ports.”