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System strategies in Port Network Authorities

Yesterday evening, the president of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, Luciano Guerrieri,  presented his book  Strategie di Sistema e Gestione Snella nelle Autorità di Sistema Portuale. (System Strategies  and Lean Management in Port Network Authorities – Translator’s Note). Organized by Livorno Propeller club, it was part of the Port Centre Thursdays event program.

Written in 2019, in the period just prior to the pandemic, and printed in 2020, the book intends to clearly outline all the transformation processes that have altered the national port industry over the last few years. This is particularly the case for Port Authorities which, in 2016, became Port Network Authorities, with new, broader competences as part of a reform process that began five years ago with Legislative Decree n.169.

According to Mr. Guerrieri, the transition from Port Authority to Port Network Authority was not only nominal, but also substantial: “The reform has placed the emphasis on System. This has meant acquiring a new mentality. We have to operate with a methodical approach to continually build relationships, in constant dialogue with all the actors in the networks and logistics nodes, identifying common objectives”.

Sparsa Colligo: uniting what is separate. In the Old Fortress, in the presence of the vice president of Livorno Propeller Club, Lino Capozzi, Guerrieri reiterated how, behind the System concept, there is all of Edgar Morin’s philosophy of complexity, synthesized in a Latin motto that “seems to me to be a valid suggestion for how to navigate, how to stay on course”.

During the presentation, Mr. Guerrieri reviewed all the key points of the reform one by one, dwelling in particular on port regulatory and planning tools (“which cannot be separated from the provisions in the National Port & Logistics Plan “) and on the new levers available to Port Network Authorities on the environmental sustainability front, such as DEASP, the Network Authority’s environmental planning document. This has allowed the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority “to lay the foundations for the implementation of a far-sighted policy on decarbonization”.

Livorno port’s leading figure also took the opportunity to speak about the port work issue; perhaps the great item missing in the Delrio (Port)Reform. Nonetheless, a lot has been done thanks to the introduction of the Port Workforce Strategy Plan, “an important tool which allows us to photograph the current situation from an occupational point of view, defining suitable policies to support work and training.”

Finally, rail and road links deserve special attention: “Darsena Europa” – Mr. Guerrieri said – “would be worthless if it were not efficiently connected with the hinterland through a rail network worthy of the name”.

The President of the ports of Livorno and Piombino also pointed out that  the implementation  of the Raccordo project (linking  the Vespucci Freight Village with the railway in the direction of Pisa and Vada and the Pisa node bypass) requires 456 million euros: “The good news is that RFI (Italian State Railway- Translator’s Note)  has a project ready. The bad news is that funding still has to be found. We have accepted Minister Bellanova’s invitation to set up a technical discussion group. We have already evaluated how to organize it, thanks to  Confetra and Confindustria.”