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Prevention and Protection Plan adopted

The Port Network Authority has adopted a Prevention and Protection Plan (PPP) for the ports of Piombino, Portoferraio, Rio Marina and on the Cavo jetty.

The Document contains the risk analysis and the necessary measures for containing the spread of Covid-19 both within the public areas of Piombino’s integrated Port Services Centre and its passenger terminal facility and in the areas allocated for passengers and their vehicles while waiting for ferry departures

The PPP indicates protection and prevention measures tailored to the conformation and organization of the port areas concerned and the services present there. Measures, moreover, that have been developed on the basis of the knowledge and information on epidemiological trends available to date, as well as on traffic forecasts in these ports.

The organizational procedures that will be implemented to supplement the prevention and protection measures already in place or in the process of being implemented shall provide, for the ports concerned, three levels of management divided according to the level of intensity of the number of people transiting inside the passenger terminal facility and the annexed common parts.

“The Plan was presented and endorsed at a meeting held on 25th May with all public and private stakeholders. It is a practical document that allows us to manage passenger traffic flows on the basis of full compliance with the rules for containing the spread of Coronavirus. We will also work on intensifying the presence of personnel responsible for security, welcoming and informing passengers,” said the Head of the Port Network Authority’s Territorial Office in Piombino, Claudio Capuano.

Download prevention and protection plan