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Ports – Green Pass, situation under control

With just two days to go before the obligation for workers to present a green pass or a recently completed swab test comes into effect, there are no particular critical issues in North Tyrrhenian ports.

The Port Network Authority recently has launched a general survey to monitor the progress of the vaccination situation and assess the presence of any problems relating to working  in safety in the Network ports.

The feedback has been positive. The companies that have so far responded to the requests for clarification have basically indicated that they have no particular operational issues

In a note signed by the managing director, Matteo Paroli, the Port Network Authority also invited companies to adapt their anti-contagion protocols and to comply with the provisions of Decree Law no. 127 of September 21st, 2021.

The Port Network Authority pointed out that article 3 of the Decree Law requires workers  to possess and exhibit, upon request, the green COVID -19 certification in order for them  to gain access to their workplaces.

The note also specified that people who are exempted from the vaccination campaign on the basis of appropriate medical certification issued according to the criteria defined by circular of the Ministry of Health, are, however, excluded from the obligation to possess the green certification.

The obligation to comply with the provisions of the DL is placed on the employer, who has to define the operating procedures for verifying worker certification, even on a sample basis, stipulating, as a matter of priority, where possible, that these checks are carried out the moment people enter their place of work.

The managing director explained that the Ministry of the Interior, with its own Circular, has raised awareness among employers to consider making rapid molecular or antigenic tests free of charge available to staff without green certification.