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Port Network Authority-Customs. Mr. Paroli: “Collaboration is crucial.”

A courtesy visit but also a business meeting to strengthen ties and take stock of the situation on activities of common interest. It was with this twofold objective that our Port Network Authority’s managing director Matteo Paroli, went to Florence yesterday to meet the interregional director of the Customs Agency for Tuscany, Sardinia and Umbria, Roberto Chiara.

Mr Paroli introduced himself together with manager Paolo Scarpellini. Waiting for him, in addition to Mr. Chiara, were the section manager at the Customs and Excise Office, Alberto Siniscalchi; the director of Livorno Customs Office, Giovanni Parisi and the head of the Support Services Section of the Livorno Customs Office, Mattia Rizzo.

During the meeting, Mr. Paroli and Mr. Chiara discussed a number of issues arising from the Memorandum of Understanding signed last October, with particular reference to the digitalization of procedures and the potential of Simplified Logistic Zones.

“The Customs Agency is a crucial partner for us that we want to collaborate with on a daily basis,” said Mr. Paroli.

“Close collaboration between the two institutions is essential, with a view to strengthening the procedures for streamlining and digitizing customs controls,” he concluded.