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Port Network Authority: 93 employees in smart-working mode

The number of Port Network Authority employees who have opted to work from home is impressive: 93 out of a total of 134.

Following the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy and the Prime Minister‘s Covid-19 containment measures, the Northern Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority has adopted a Circular to deal with the emergency.

The smart-working option, allowed primarily to people suffering from chronic diseases or with congenital immunodepression, commuters using public transport to get from home to their office at the Port Network Authority, parents with children of school age (up to 14) and employees who provide care to parents over 65, has been extended to all the employees (based on ad hoc assessments made on a case-by-case basis).

“Smart working is a cornerstone of the Public Administration Minister‘s Directive n.2/2020, and at this stage it is considered to be the normal work mode,” said the Authority’s Managing Director, Massimo Provinciali, who announced that he has now completed the activation procedure for both office and personal IT equipment.

“By now, almost all of our staff are in a position to work from home. The President and I are sure that with a sense of responsibility and suitable precautions we will get through this hopefully brief moment unscathed, putting people’s health first without paralyzing the Authority.”