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Piombino, a remarkable town

The Diadema experience has been a success. This is to be attributed to a number of factors, the first of which has been the ability of institutions and operators to work together in synergy to reach their objective”, the President of the Port Network Authority, Stefano Corsini, commented on the news of the disembarking of the last two members of the crew who tested positive to Covid-19

“Piombino” – continued Mr. Corsini – “is a remarkable town. This can be seen by how they faced this all-out emergency situation. I would like to thank everyone, first and foremost Claudio Capuano, manager of our Port Network Authority’s Territorial Office in Piombino and his team who immediately set to work to delimit and manage, in complete synergy with the Maritime Authority and the police forces, the port areas to be allocated for the Costa Diadema operations.”

According to the president of the North Tyrrhenian ports “now we must move forward and I believe everyone is willing to work in synergy to overcome the challenges that await our port.”

Mr. Corsini stated that the final public session for the assignment of the new port areas will be held on June 9th: “We have finally got there: we will have the names of the operators and the profiles of the winning projects.”

In the meantime, the Port Network Authority is working on providing the port with a suitable Railway Development Plan: “The technical specifications have already been prepared. The important strategic document will be ready soon.”