This morning the Management Committee adopted a new technical amendment to Piombino’s port Masterplan, with the aim of making the harbour more accessible.

At present, the area west of the Darsena Nord dock consists of a stretch of water containing the sludge storage facilities required for building the yards foreseen in the port planning legislation in force which will have to be completed. The new technical amendment gives a different planimetric layout to the current Port Masterplan forecast for Darsena Nord ‘s west pier and the section still to be completed. According to the current Port Master Plan, this section consists of an additional berthing area about 180 meters long and a further slightly more open straight pier that joins the Darsena Grande dock at the former Lusid pier, partly to be demolished.

The new layout foresees, for the west pier , the reduction of the first section to about 500 meters (instead of 700) and the straightening of the remaining part, which will be the current head of the steel products pier, which will maintain its present length. The proposed modification allows the elimination of the sharp edge that is present at the mouth of the west side of the Darsena Nord dock.

A shortening of the inner breakwater pier by about 200 meters is also foreseen in order to extend the vessel turning area, increasing its size by 520 meters in diameter, and improving the maneuvering area for ships entering and leaving the port.

In addition, the final section of the Molo Batteria pier will be structurally modified by removing the berthing area on its inner side and extending its head by 25 meters.

Adaptation of the yearly work schedule for 2020

The Management Committee adopted the resolution amending the work program included in the three-year schedule, bringing forward some of the projects planned for the next few years to 2020. First of all, in Livorno the work considered indispensable and urgent for the harbour access Canal to the Darsena Toscana will be carried out, in order to guarantee a safer transit for large vessels. This project, which is included in the annual list of work ready for commencement in the year 2020, consists in the demolition of a 35 meter section of Pier 13 and the subsequent morphological remodeling of the seabed, through a dredging intervention at a depth of -13 meters of an area of approximately 24,000 square meters. The work has a cost of 1.5 million euros.

In Piombino, on the other hand, the project involving the construction of a part of the navigable canal (including dredging) and the berthing area at the beginning of the harbour breakwater has been brought forward. The work, which can start immediately, has a total cost of 5.5 million euros, three million of which have now been put in the 2020 budget.

Budget adjustment

Finally, the Management Committee gave the go-ahead to make some changes to the 2020 Financial Statements on an accrual and cash basis. In general, current revenues are recorded for almost 4 million euros less than what the Port Network Authority had planned to collect from port taxes, anchorage dues and concession fees. In addition, unforeseen expenses were incurred to curb the spread of Covid-19 and safeguard the health of its staff.

However, the Port Network Authority has secured around 10 million euros in increased revenue, which has enabled it to absorb the pandemic shock. In fact, an allocation of 2.194 million euros was obtained from the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport from the Project Review Fund and another 7.3 million came from Tuscany Regional Administration as part of the framework agreement relaunching the Port of Piombino.

This 2020 budget adjustment will result in an overall reduction in the use of the € 2.3 million administration surplus. The administrative surplus as of 31st December 2020 has been updated from 102.6 million euros (surplus as per Final Balance Sheet 2019) to 93.1 million euros.