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New procedure for Livorno port’s Donegani rail freight access point

The North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, in cooperation with the Customs Agency and the Revenue Guard, has perfected a procedure for managing Livorno Port’s Donegani rail freight access point.

Along with what has already been done for the other Darsena Toscana and Galvani rail freight access points, the new procedure solves all the operational problems relating to the transit of freight trains, eliminating the long waiting times that have damaged the port of Livorno’s economy and image up to now.

On the basis of the provisions contained in the document, the terminal operators concerned will have to set up a video surveillance system near the railway access point connected to the Revenue Guard’s checkpoints and Port Network Authority offices

Terminal operators will also have to provide the Customs Agency and the Revenue Guard with useful information for the necessary checks.

In particular, terminal operators have to send a list of wagons and goods in transit at least two hours before entering the terminal.

The document sets out the operational procedure for managing the gate, with all the necessary instructions to be followed step by step from the beginning to the end of the manoeuvre so that the access point is operational 24 hours a day

The procedure was developed together with Marterneri Spa and C.I.L.P. Srl, Mercitalia Rail Srl, Mercitalia S. & T. Srl,. Porto di Livorno 2000 Srl and Il Corpo Vigili Giurati.