Work on the microtunnel is about to start up again. In fact, an agreement has been reached with the contractor and the construction site will be reopened tomorrow.

The work consists of two cylindrical shafts, one at the foot of the Marzocco Tower and the other on the Magnale bank, connected by a circular tunnel that will pass deep under the channel.

Once built, the infrastructure will consent the removal of the pipelines that run from the Darsena Petroli to the ENI Refinery through the access channel to the Darsena Toscana, near the Marzocco tower.

By moving the pipes inside the tunnel, it will be possible to reshape the channel, widening and deepening its navigable section, thus facilitating the entry and exit of large ships.

The new project, already approved by Tuscany and Umbria Public Works Dept’s Technical Administrative Committee, allows the reception shaft on the Magnale bank to be dug in safety, and provides for the construction of a concrete bottom seal with jet grouting and metal reinforcements, in order to prevent water rising from the bottom.

“This is a fundamental step for the port’s short-term development. Thanks to the skills of our technicians and experts we have managed to overcome the many technical and administrative difficulties,” said the Port Network Authority’s President, Stefano Corsini.

“It is now a safe project, aimed at minimizing construction risks. In mid-2022, with the removal of ENI’s piping from the seabed, the access channel to Darsena Toscana will be wider and deeper, ready to accommodate increasingly larger vessels, while waiting for Phase 1 of the Darsena Europa infrastructure to become operational.”

According to the chronoprogram, the work will be completed in 350 working days.