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LNG, an accessible fuel source for efficient logistics

After three years’work, the European project GNL FACILE, coordinated by the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, has come to an end. The project was developed with the aim of promoting the progressive reduction of the use of the most polluting fuels. To mark the occasion, a Demo Day dedicated to refueling HGVs with Liquefied Natural Gas was held yesterday at the Tuscan Amerigo Vespucci Freight Village near Guasticce. The event was attended by road haulage operators, firefighters from Livorno fire service’s provincial headquarters, and, via internet link-up, logistics operators at the port of Cagliari.  Three trucks were sequentially refueled at a mobile refueling station, highlighting the characteristics and advantages, not only environmental, of this alternative fuel.

The initiative, organized by the Port Network Authority in cooperation with the Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci plc, was aimed at raising awareness among operators of the opportunities and benefits deriving from the ecological transition underway in ports and in the transport sector in general, while at the same time providing training on the main technical and safety aspects associated with the use of LNG. The mobile refueling station is a useful facility for training and raising the level of awareness among logistics and transport operators, and it’s a natural choice for it be located at the  Tuscan freight village.

The facility, financed with funds from the Interreg IT-FR MARITIMO programme and built by the HAM company, is a small-scale, flexible solution to enable the start-up of initial refueling of port and road vehicles and small yachts in ports and other logistical infrastructures such as freight villages. The mobile refueling station used on the Demo Day will, for example, be used to refuel vehicles in transit in the port of Genoa. This will contribute to decarbonizing a sector, in particular, road transport, which still has a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions and therefore on the sustainability of the logistics chain.

Through this Demo Day, the benefits of LNG as an alternative fuel in terms of reducing emissions were brought to the attention of the port and logistics community, with even small-scale investments enabling us in the short term to take the first steps in the much-needed ecological transition.

For the Port Authority, this initiative is part of a broader programmatic framework, to all intents and purposes, a Masterplan that aims to gradually decarbonize all port operations and activities, from road transportation to maritime and rail transport, without forgetting energy efficiency and impact mitigation actions through generating renewable energy.

Watch the video here