The North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, in collaboration with the Customs Agency and the Revenue Guard, has developed a procedure for managing the Galvani Railway Gate at Lorenzini terminal.

The procedure will be applied to all railway wagon transit operations. On the basis of the requirements contained in the document, the terminal operator has to set up a video surveillance system near the railway gate connected to the Revenue Guard checkpoints (Sgarallino barracks and Galvani gate) and Port Network Authority workstations.

The terminal operator must also provide the Customs Agency and the Revenue Guard with a series of useful information for the necessary verifications.

In particular, the terminal operator will have to send, at least two hours prior to terminal maneuvers, the list of wagons and the list of containers in transit, including their identification number.

The document sets out the operational procedure for managing the gate, giving all the necessary instructions to be followed step-by-step from the beginning to the end of the terminal maneuver to allow the gate to remain operational 24hrs a day.

The procedure was agreed and signed by the parties concerned today at the Port Network Authority ‘s branch office in Livorno