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Green pass, Port Network Authority meets USB Trade Union representatives

The Managing Director of the Port Network Authority, Matteo Paroli, listened to and acknowledged the requests put forward by the Unione Sindacale di Base (USB), reserving the right to initiate the necessary further discussions on a wider scale than the local one.

In the Gallanti committee room at Palazzo Rosciano, together with managers Fabrizio Marilli (state property) and Cinthia De Luca (safety), Mr. Paroli met three USB representatives, Giovanni Ceraolo, Alessio Biondi, and Massimo Mazza. Several issues were put on the table, starting with free Covid tests to continue working in the port.

The three trade unionists pointed out that in Livorno port alone about 10/12% of the operational workforce have apparently not been vaccinated. In order to ensure that these people have the right to continue working, USB  asked the Port Authority to intervene directly with  terminal operators so that free or low-cost tests can be provided. During the meeting other issues were also touched upon, such as how to control the green certification, an activity that – it was clarified – is the employer’s responsibility.

“I am a great believer in constructive confrontation to try to find shared solutions,” said Paroli, who added: “We have listened carefully to USBs requests . They are clear. We are committed to organizing a meeting with  representatives from companies working in the port to fully assess the situation”. The Port Network Authority will meet the union again on October 26 to provide a detailed report on the meetings.

During the meeting, Mr. Paroli provided an update on the situation in the Network ports on the day the green pass became obligatory for entering the workplace: “What emerged over the last few days after discussions with port companies began  turns out to be confirmed”- he  said – “No practical criticalities have been recorded, entering or exiting gates , or near the terminals.”