The former Locamare building is now in the hands of Rio Marina Municipality, which will manage it for 40 years. The President of the Port Network Authority, Stefano Corsini, signed the concession agreement this morning.

The building, located in the area under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority and for years exposed to unstoppable degradation, will be renovated by the Municipality and will be allocated free of charge to the associations that currently occupy the port’s vaults.

Great satisfaction was expressed by the Mayor Marco Corsini: “Thanks to the Port Authority’s active support we can finally begin to redevelop and rationalize the Locamare building, giving it back to the town”.

“This is an important first step that was already contemplated in the Memorandum of Understanding between the two Administrations signed on 18th January 2019 ” said Stefano Corsini. “We are pleased to be able to promote an initiative of social importance and allow the Municipality to renovate a building that has been in a state of neglect for a long time.”