The port of Livorno is more and more big ship ready. The most important hub in Italy for Ro/Ro traffic, that saw its 2017 container volumes slightly decrease because of inadequate access for larger vessels, is now ready to take the big step: the Port Network Authority of the North Thyrrenian Sea (an umbrella institution covering five ports: Livorno, Piombino, Capraia Isle port, and two Elba Isle ports) has been teaming up with Livorno Harbour Master for months to create a well connected port.

As a first result of this collaboration, a revised draft restriction was announced yesterday as the works for deepening and widening of the access channel are nearly over: the Coast Guard expanded maximum allowable drafts for the biggest vessels that have ever transited the channel in Livorno (more than 300m. long and 48 m. wide ships) to 10.50 meters from the earlier 10 meters (10.60 for exit maneuvers) and 10.75 meters draft were allowed for 325 meters long and 43 m wide ships (instead of 10.50 m.)

Draft limits upgrades have been announced too for all other kinds of vessels:
1) 10.75 m. of maximum draft for ships from 270 to 300 m. of length and 42,8 m. of width.
2) 11.50 m. draft for max 307 m. long and 40 m. large ships
3) 12 meters of maximum allowable draft for between 250 a 275 m. long ships (35 meters of width)
4) 12 m. draft (from 275 to 300 meters of length, 35 of width)
5) 12 meters of draft for 228 m. long and 37,5 m. wide ships

The regulation will be effective once the expansion works of the channel are finished (in a month), and will provide for many other facilities: Livorno Port Channel will infact be allowed maneuvering during night time for more kind of vessels than in the past.

1) 250-275 length- 35 width: 11 meters draft allowed for those ships who call the port during nightime; 11.25 meters allowed for those ships who leave the port.
2) 275-300 m. length – 35 m. width: 10.75 m. entry night time; 11 meters exit from the port
3) 307 m. long and 40 m. wide ships: 11 meters only for exit maneuvers.
4) 11.50 meters allowed both entry and exit the port for ships as long as 228 m and 37,5 meters wide;

The new facilities will aim to bring additional cargo to the port: up to extra 110.000 Teus envisaged for the current year.

Stefano Corsini, president at Port Network Authority of the North Thyrrenian Sea, said that now is the time for the port to set its course for the future: “We feel we are big-ship ready and we hope that that will result in more volumes. The mouth of the harbour deepen to 15m. and a 90m access waterway deepen at 13 meters means that the container terminal that sit behind the access channel will be accessible by vessels of up 9,000 teu, instead of the 7,000 teu maximum that call usually”.