The future of Livorno looks bright. North Tyrrhenian System Ports Authority has been working its fingers to the bone trying to deepen and widen the access channel of the port of Livorno as soon as possibile: it planned to widen the ship channel to 120 mt and to deepen it to 13 mt for the safe passage of deep-draught vessels.

For this reason, technicians are at work to realize a microtunneling construction able to host the industrial pipelines that run along the canal banks. Theese pipelines belong to the national oil company Eni and are responsibile for the limited access to the industrial port, cause they obstruct the passage of vessels.

“We are deploying advanced technologies to build an underground piping network, which includes micro tunneling under the seabed,” remarked Stefano Corsini, CEO of the North Tyrrhenian Sea Ports System Authority.

“The total length of the tunnel is to 240 mt. We are keen on completing the project in record time, where the first phase of that construction is expected to be completed by February 2018. After that, Eni will provide to realize the new pipelines to be installed inside the tunnel”.