THE clock is ticking for Porto di Livorno 2000, the operator that coordinates the passengers in the port of Livorno by managing two Terminals, three parking and 13 docks spread over the entire port area of the port, providing high quality services to passengers and to ships coming in the city.

In april 2017 Sinergest, Moby, LTM and Marinvest won the tender for the 66% stake in the society, but it twill take them some time for the final award: The North Tyrrhenian Sea Ports System Authority is verifying that the winners fulfil the requirements and that their self declarations are truthful, it is a reseanoable expectation that they sign the contract in one month.

The partners are ready to invest €91m to construct extra cruise berths to accommodate more vessels, and increase facilities to handle passengers,

Cruise tourim has become a rising trend in Tuscany Region. Over the past two years, the number of passengers boarding cruiseships in Livorno for many destinations has grown at a staggering 12% per annum. The results of the first six months in 2017 have reversed this upward trend, buti it deals with a provisional arrest. The consortium has planned to boost the tuscan port as a hub for international passenger cruising through a number of key projetcs. The aim is to go back to the levels of 2012, when the port set the record of one million passengers.