The technicians call them “reprofiling operations”. That’s easy: sediments from high spots in berths are dragged to depressions in lower spots. And it’s what Port Authority and private operator are doing at this moment just to have an access channel able to accomodate the post-panamax vessels. One million euros and 60 work days to have a big ship ready port. These works, that are undertaken as efficiently as possible to minimise the inconvenience to users, will be accomplished within the beginning of the new year.

Two of the most important terminal operators in Livorno are on it: Lorenzini Company, which is responsibile for the the planning, procurement and execution of the project, and TDT (Terminal Darsena Toscana) which will contribute to the carrying-out of the work.

Stefano Corsini, president of Nort Thyrrenian Sea Ports System Authority, said: “We are going against all odds to make the port even better for the future. Our goal is to make Livorno safer, easier to use, more productive for our shipping line clients. And we are one step away from bringing this to a close.”

Last week, the Port of Livorno accomodated, for the first time in its history, MSC 9.000Teu Container ships. The global container shipping company decided to consolidate its position in the port on the South America routes, that show no signs of slowing. The aim was achieved despite the limitations of the access channel, as Port Authority and Habor Master were all understood to be lining up to join the trade, come hell and high water.

In a couple of months difficulties will all be water under the bridge, as the ship channel will be widen to 90 mt at the depht of 13 mt for the safe passage of deep-draught vessels. Corsini’s aim is to make Livorno competitive again in the trips from Europe to the Far East (the last links go back to 6 yers-2011): “When the vessel schedule planners in Asia are looking at Europe – sayd Corsini – it is important that they know our port is able to handle post panamax ships”.

And for the future things will get better as the port Authority is putting on the launch pad a new revised Livorno’s deepwater container terminal. In five years the port will have its “Europe Platform”, a 1.6 m teu container terminal with 1200 m of quay, 62ha of yard space and at least a 16meters depht.