“Need to go against all odds and let Livorno boost his volumes in export as referring to automotive. For this reason we need more rail links between the port and the national railway”, said The chairman of Cilp (Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali), Aldo Padova, joining a panel discussion on a local TV talk show.

The number of cars exported and imported through the tuscan port of Livorno has grown steadily since 2015 and the trend appears to be holding. According to figures, more than 600,000 cars passed through the Port of Livorno during the year.

The company Cilp, that has its own car terminal along the east side of Darsena Toscana, moved more than 310.000 cars in 2017, that represents an increase of 4 per cent on the previous year. The increase can be attributed largely to the upturn in imports. Imports account for almost 90 per cent of the cars handled at the port.

On the export side, “Livorno has huge potential, but we need to ensure competitiveness regardless, If we want car exports increase in a not-too-distant future we need our terminal to be rail linked, operators like Daimler choose rail linked ports to send their goods in Asia, a modal shift towards more sustainable methods of transport is crucial for more efficient mobility”.

Mr Padova also called on governments to provide more strategic and financial help for the development of hinterland infrastructure.

Northern Thyrrenian Port System Authority’s newly appointed president, Stefano Corsini, has revealed that the Port Authority is planning to expand its rail network on sea terminals.