Shoreside medical facility for the Diadema crew

2 April 2020

The facility will be set up in record time on the pier where the cruise ship is berthed. Corsini: "Our Port Network Authority has taken action."


Costa Diadema: A task force to manage the emergency

31 March 2020

The Port Network Authority has set up a control room for the institutions to coordinate operations


Costa Diadema in Piombino

29 March 2020

The cruise ship has 1250 people on board. President Corsini: "It’s our top priority:"


Italian rail bonus ready to go

26 March 2020

Railway companies and logistics operators interested in the bonus will have to send their applications to the Ministry for Infrastructure & Transport within 45 days of the publication of the decree in the Italian Official Gazette


Livorno: 10 thousand masks for the port

26 March 2020

The Port Network Authority got hold of them and distributed them where needed


Italian Ports on the ball

20 March 2020

Coronavirus is a disaster for our country, but our ports are fully operational. An open letter from the president of Assoporti, Daniele Rossi

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