Livorno to host Espo 2019

30 May 2018

The ESPO conference 2019 is taking place in Livorno. Espo will be welcoming its guests in a smart city, well known for its military architectures, for its culinary tradition and history.




2017: a good year for the Port Network System

28 May 2018

The five stars in the North Tyrrhenian Sea Port System’s constellation (that includes Livorno, Piombino, three ports of Elba Island and one of Capraia Island), reported volumes close to 41m tonnes in 2017.


The port of Livorno increases draft limits

15 February 2018

The port of Livorno is more and more big ship ready. The most important hub in Italy for Ro/Ro traffic, that saw its 2017 container volumes slightly decrease because of inadequate access for larger vessels, is now ready to take the big step.


Automotive: finding new opportunities

18 January 2018

“Need to go against all odds and let Livorno boost his volumes in export as referring to automotive. For this reason we need more rail links between the port and the national railway”, said The chairman of Cilp (Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali), Aldo Padova, joining a panel discussion on a local TV talk show.

Il porto di Livorno


Knockin’ on Asian Companies’ doors: Livorno ready to widen its access channel

11 January 2018

One million euros and 60 work days to have a big ship ready port. Livorno ready to widen its access channel. The aim: to be big ship ready in a couple of months


Port Authority wants Livorno to be big ship ready

14 September 2017

The future of Livorno looks bright. North Tyrrhenian System Ports Authority has been working its fingers to the bone trying to deepen and widen the access channel of the port of Livorno as soon as possibile: it planned to widen the ship channel to 120 mt and to deepen it to 13 mt for the …

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Moby (and Marinvest) ready to invest €91m to boost “cruise” business in Livorno

14 September 2017

In april 2017 Sinergest, Moby, LTM and Marinvest won the tender for the 66% stake in "Porto Livorno 2000", the the operator that coordinates the passengers in the port of Livorno by managing two Terminals, three parking and 13 docks spread over the entire port area of the port, providing high quality services to passengers and to ships coming in the city.

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