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Covid-19: Corsini convenes coordination board

A coordination board to deal with the Coronavirus emergency and the effects that the new anti-contagion measures are having on the Network ports. The President of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, Stefano Corsini has convened the board for tomorrow.

“There are starting to be a number of provisions concerning port-related activities,” said Mr. Corsini, who mentioned as examples the clarification of the Head of the Civil Protection Department on goods transportation and the Ministry of the Interior’s directive according to which crew members will no longer be issued shore passes for the time being.

“These provisions (plus the latest Prime Minister’s decrees and the Regional Ordinance n.9 of 8th March 2020, ed.), clearly general and mandatory, must be adapted to local contexts, to ensure maximum cooperation in avoiding large gatherings of people”, said the President of Livorno and Piombino ports. He added, moreover, that: ” Work in the port has to be organized in such a way as to allow the strongly publicized precautionary measures to be effectively respected, despite them being difficult to implement, such as the minimum distance of one meter between people”.

In order to jointly address these issues, Mr. Corsini has therefore invited all the institutions concerned take part in the coordination board , provided for in Article 8, paragraph 3, letter g of the 84/1994 Port Reform Law

In particular, the following institutional representatives have been invited to attend: the Prefect, Livorno’s Chief of Police and the Mayor; the Harbour Master; the President of Tuscany Regional Administration; the mayors of Portoferraio, Rio Marina, Piombino and Capraia; the Provincial Commanders of the Military Police and the Revenue Guard, the Northwest Local Health Authority; the Border Police Office and USMAF (Maritime, Aviation and Border Health Office).

The video-conference meeting will start at 3pm.