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Costa Diadema: 118 more people disembarked

114 Indonesians and 4 Brazilians were disembarked this morning from the Costa Diadema. The seafarers will be transferred to Fiumicino, from where they will be able to take flights to their countries of origin.

After 241 Filipinos were disembarked on 24th April and 114 seafarers today, 580 people remain on board, 180 of whom are needed to man the ship to ensure it remains operational. A further 100 people will be disembarked over the next few days.

“Everything is proceeding as planned – declared the Head of the Port Network Authority’s territorial office in Piombino, Claudio Capuano – our task force is working perfectly. We will soon manage to disembark the other members of the crew too.”