News 10 January 2020

Darsena Europa, the berth of the future

Preliminary project of breakwaters and dredging work of the Darsena Europa. Go to

News 17 December 2019

Port Authorities must keep up with the times

For ESPO's chairman, Mr Eamonn O'Reilly, port governing bodies must play a more dynamic role and assist companies and workers in their journey towards the new world: automation, decarbonisation and Brexit. These are the first challenges ahead

News 22 February 2019

The automotive industry gets into the right gear

According to the latest study by SRM (Studi Ricerche Mezzogiorno) entitled: "The trends and prospects of the automotive sector in the international context", the automotive market is sailing at full speed, with very encouraging medium to long term development forecasts

News 19 February 2019

Livorno had a record year

The port had its all-time busiest twelve months in 2018, seeing a 8,5% increase over 2017

News 12 March 2019

Towards a new world: instructions for secure berthing

The Espo annual conference will certainly mark an important watershed between the past and the future. Read the interview with Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general of Espo

News 19 February 2019

Livorno to host Espo 2019

The ESPO conference 2019 is taking place in Livorno. Espo will be welcoming its guests in a smart city, well known for its military architectures, for its culinary tradition and history.

News 28 May 2018

2017: a good year for the Port Network System

The five stars in the North Tyrrhenian Sea Port System’s constellation (that includes Livorno, Piombino, three ports of Elba Island and one of Capraia Island), reported volumes close to 41m tonnes in 2017.

News 30 May 2018

The port of Livorno increases draft limits

The port of Livorno is more and more big ship ready. The most important hub in Italy for Ro/Ro traffic, that saw its 2017 container volumes slightly decrease because of inadequate access for larger vessels, is now ready to take the big step.

News 15 February 2018

Automotive: finding new opportunities

“Need to go against all odds and let Livorno boost his volumes in export as referring to automotive. For this reason we need more rail links between the port and the national railway”, said The chairman of Cilp (Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali), Aldo Padova, joining a panel discussion on a local TV talk show.

News 18 January 2018

Knockin’ on Asian Companies’ doors: Livorno ready to widen its access channel

One million euros and 60 work days to have a big ship ready port. Livorno ready to widen its access channel. The aim: to be big ship ready in a couple of months